The Academic Coordinating Committee (ACC) shall be convened by the Associate Provost for Academic Programs, and be responsible for:

  • Sharing program and policy information among the members of the Committee and disseminating such information as appropriate
  • Educating the members of the Committee on programs, policies, and practices that have an impact on student learning, support, and success
  • Promoting the exchange of successful policies and programs to enhance student learning between and among all schools, colleges, and student support units
  • Providing feedback on the effectiveness of existing and proposed programs and services for both new and returning students
  • Providing a forum for discussion and consultation on topics within its sphere of general responsibility
  • Responding to any specific problem called to its attention and within its sphere of general responsibility
  • Recommending program, policy, and practice changes, as appropriate, to improve the learning environment for students.

Furthermore, the Committee shall have the discretion to:

  • Seek the support and endorsement of any standing committee whose sphere of interest overlaps that of the ACC
  • Raise new issues related to the Committee’s general responsibilities as those issues make themselves evident to the Committee.